Elden Ring: Every Great Rune Ranked

Using the best Great Rune for your character in Elden Ring can make all the difference. But not all Great Runes are created equal.

Elden Ring has plenty of items that can elevate any player’s build.

There are Ash of Wars that can completely change the way weapons work. There are also a few that can help you dodge almost any attack.

Spirit Ashes serves as faithful companions during some of the game’s most challenging boss battles.

And there are Great Runes. These items will boost your attributes, health, and overall survivability. Acquiring them is no easy feat. So you need to know which ones are worth your time.

Here is every Great Rune in Elden Ring ranked.

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Elden Ring Great Rune


Elden Ring: Great Rune Tier List – April 2022

S Radahn’s Great Rune, Great Rune of the Unborn
A Morgott’s Great Rune, Malenia’s Great Rune
B Godrick’s Great Rune
C Rykard’s Great Rune, Mohg’s Great Rune

There are 7 Great Runes in Elden Ring that players will be able to obtain and activate.

The first thing you need to know is that obtaining a Great Rune is a feat, but activating it will require players to climb one of the many Divine Towers in Elden Ring.

These Divine Towers will require players to complete different puzzles and usually fight some powerful foes.

But thankfully, most of the time, the adventure is well worth the trouble.

After activating a Great Rune, players will need to use a Rune Arc to activate its effect.

Rune Arcs can be obtained in a multitude of ways but most consistently from invading other players successfully or helping other players as a summon.

The only Great Rune that does not require this is the Great Rune of the Unborn. This is automatically activated and will allow players to respect their characters.

This can be extremely useful and allow players to try out different builds with varying primary attributes.

Struggling to defeat a boss for a particular Great Rune? Check out all the best Wondrous Physick combinations for some powerful buffs!

All Great Rune Effects

Here’s what all the Great Runes do in Elden Ring:

  • Godrick’s Great Rune raises all attributes by +5
  • Great Rune of the Unborn allows you to unlock character respeccing.
  • Radahn’s Great Rune boosts maximum HP, FP, and Stamina by 15%.
  • Morgott’s Great Rune increases maximum HP by 25%
  • Rykard’s Great Rune restores HP upon defeating enemies
  • Mohg’s Great Rune gives a blessing of blood to spirits and phantoms.
    • Three Phantom Great Rune are given to players after invading another player. It offers a blessing of blood to enemies in the invaded world. This means bosses and world enemies.
  • Malenia’s Great Rune allows players to recover HP for a short time after taking damage by attacking.

Some of these sound great on paper but are very situational. So it’s good to know which one will help you out amid battle.

Here are some ways to make the most of your Rune Arcs in Elden Ring!

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Divine Tower Elden Ring


Great Rune Tips & Tricks

These tips will help you decide which Great Rune to use in different situations.

Best Great Rune for Boss Fights

Radahn’s Great Rune is the best for boss battles because it raises your health, stamina, and focus points by 15%. This means that you’ll be able to attack more often and use an Ash of War more times before your characters become tired.

If you’re still early in the game and haven’t been able to unlock Radahn’s Great Rune yet, then Godrick’s Great Rune is a good alternative. This raises all your stats by 5 attributes.

This seems great since it is 40 free levels, but once you’ve hit the soft caps for abilities, it doesn’t make too much of a difference.

Morgott’s Great Rune will raise your health by 25% if you’re not too worried about Focus Points and stamina.

In an intense battle against the Elden Beast, surviving one more hit can make all the difference.

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Godrick Rune Elden Ring


Best Great Rune for Exploring

The best Great Rune for players to use when exploring caves, catacombs, and new areas in Elden Ring is either Malenia’s Great Rune or Rykard’s Great Rune.

Malenia’s Great Rune allows players to heal after taking damage. This means that if you’re a physical build, you’ll be able to take some risky opportunities and be rewarded for them.

Rykard’s Great Rune allows players to heal after defeating an enemy. This means that players can preserve their flasks and heal themselves. But it doesn’t work well against bosses. Where Malenia’s Great Rune still has an effect.

So for caves where it ends in a boss battle, it might be best to use Malenia’s Great Rune.

Once you have these Great Runes sorted, you should check out some of the legendary Spirit Ashes you can find for a powerful companion to explore with!

Best Great Runes for PVP

Mohg’s Great Rune is catered to Elden Ring PVP and has a unique effect when invading another player. It makes sense since to fight Mohg, the Omen players will need to invade other players to complete Whtie Mask Varre’s quest.

You can always wait until you’re in the Consecrated Snowfield, where there is a portal to Mohgwyn’s Palace. But this will take a while, seeing as you’ll only be able to access this area after defeating Morgott, the Fell Omen.

But once you’ve got Mohg’s Great Rune, it will grant a blessing of blood to phantoms. This means any Spirit Ashes or friends you summon will grant you health by defeating enemies.

They will also get a damage increase with blood loss around them.

When you invade other players while using Mohg’s Great Rune, you will get three Phantom Great Runes that can be activated and grant a blessing of blood to enemies in the invaded world.

This means any bosses or enemies near the invaded will be stronger.

This can help turn some PVP battles around for you.

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Elden Ring PVP Multiplayer


Where to Obtain Every Great Rune

If you’re wondering where you can obtain these Great Runes, here is each boss you will need to face.

Great Runes are powerful tools to help any player’s journey to become Elden Lord. And if you want to try out other items, check out some of our other guides:

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