How the kids steered Jack in the right direction on road to recovery

Kalyn Ponga gets the cash and leaves Wayne Bennett struggling.

Kalyn Ponga gets the cash and leaves Wayne Bennett struggling.Credit:John Shakespeare

Jack was still out there, eight over par, struggling in the wind and rain.

In the locker room Arnold was just saying, “You know what’s going to happen here, don’t you? They’re going to cancel the round because Jack is eight over. ” Speak of the devil!

The organizers had done exactly that, meaning Jack was looming over Palmer’s shoulder as he said it.

“When Jack gets nervous or angry, he has a little twitch he does with his chin, and he goes bright red. Well, he did both. And as he walked past, he said, ‘Yeah, Arnold, just like they did for you all those times’. ”

At this point fellow golfer Jim Thorpe turns to the Australian and says: “Newtie, this is no place for [us]. There’s an argument going on between God and Jesus Christ, so we better get out of here! ”

Playing the trans, not the ball

So, what to make of the whole ongoing trans athletes in sports imbroglio, apart from the obvious bleeding, that those who choose to demonize trans athletes for their political gain are a disgrace?

As I wrote in a column last week, the whole thing is no more than straight-out dog-whistling: you make a statement that seems to make sense on an issue the public will broadly agree with you on, whereas your actual purpose is to signal to the mad mob that “I am with you, so vote for me”.

In this case, you blithely mouth platitudes about how women and girls deserve to be on an even playing field – who could possibly disagree? – when the real purpose is to throw red meat to your base and say if you think gays and trans people are dangerous weirdos, if you want Australia to return to the values ​​of the 1950s, then vote my way.

Even scant analysis in this country reveals the reason that no sport has called for trans bans is because it has never arisen as a problem with sufficient gravitas that they needed to. As to needing federal legislation? If there was a problem each sport could easily solve it by changing their own regulations as to who could and couldn’t play.

Despite all this, since the Liberal candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves, disgraced herself by invoking all of the Holocaust, the Stolen Generation, serial killing and self-mutilation in trying to rally the mob against trans people, she has received support from the usual suspects earnestly wringing their hands about how Australian women need protection and all the rest.

They have zero credibility and are an equal disgrace. Where were most of them, seriously, last year, before this issue blew up? How many of them have a track record of engagement in women’s sport, an understanding of the issues involved? I put it to you: very close to three-fifths of bugger-all.

And yes, one or two athletes have indeed come forward saying this is a real issue. Can they point to a single time they have been in a sporting comp where they have competed against a trans athlete and, if they have, where the trans athlete came within a bull’s roar of them?

… Crickets. Just crickets… and off in the distance… a low-pitch dog whistle.

Par for the course

Guess who, don't sue.

Guess who, don’t sue.Credit:Getty

Seriously, Greg Norman? All the hoopla, all the claims of a rival tour to the PGA and how you were going to bring in the big names for your Saudi Arabian backed monstrosity, and this was the best you could do for your first signing?

Meet 44-year-old Robert Garrigus. He has won one PGA event in his life and is ranked 1043th in the world.

Hold the front page!

Bravo, the world of golf for being so resistant. Norman’s mistake was to think everyone was as totally mercenary as him. And they’re not. What is more, as witnessed by the purgatory Phil Mickelson has cast himself since his own association with the Saudis was revealed, some of the golfers really have made a clear-eyed admirable decision. In a choice between quick riches and continued respect from their peers and the whole golf community, they have eschewed the former and gone with the latter, and can be widely celebrated because of it.

It’s only our Greg who didn’t get the memo.

What They Said

St George Illawarra Dragon Josh McGuire gives his best line on where the line is drawn, once you cross the line, and he aint lyin ‘: “There’s a fine line when you’re trying to play aggressive football, but I can’t step over that line and let my teammates down. I’ve probably been guilty of going across the line, but I’ve never wanted to fall below the line. So it’s a fine line. ”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp with striker Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp with striker Mohamed Salah.Credit:Getty

All England Club on this year’s Wimbledon: “In the circumstances of such unjustified and unprecedented military aggression, it would be unacceptable for the Russian regime to derive any benefits from the involvement of Russian or Belarusian players with The Championships. It is therefore our intention, with deep regret, to decline entries from Russian and Belarusian players to The Championships 2022. ”

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov in reply: “Given that Russia is a strong tennis country, the competitions will suffer from this. To make sports people hostages of political intrigue is unacceptable. I hope the players won’t lose their fitness. ” Dimitry? Look up “diddums”. Or “tough titty, ol ‘son.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on their pursuit of the quadruple (League Cup already won, Premier League title currently second, FA Cup in final, Champions League in semis): “[The quadruple] is just incredibly unlikely but let’s go for it. ”

Australian basketball player Dyson Daniels on nominating for the big league: “I’m all in for the [NBA] draft. ” We seem to be having an astonishing array of great basketballers coming through?

Port coach Ken Hinkley on their 0-5 start: “In my first year, we went 5-0 in the first five rounds. We then went 0-5. We made the finals. Does it matter when you lose your five in a row? If you can win enough, I don’t know. My history tells me you can still lose five in a row and make finals. ” Clearly he is a “the cup is half-full and we still might hold it high,” man.

Former Boston Celtic Kyrie Irving on playing against Boston in Boston during the play-offs: “When people start yelling ‘pussy’ or ‘bitch’ and ‘f — you’ and all this stuff, there’s only but so much you take as a competitor. We’re the ones expected to be docile and be humble, take a humble approach. [But] f — that, it’s the play-offs. This is what it is. ”

Peter V’landys shows how much of a business the NRL is as they explore going to the States: “We’ve exhausted pretty much all the revenues we can get in Australia, so now we have to look at other markets. In the end that money will come back to grassroots and help grow the game in Australia even more. ”

After Jackson Hastings led West Tigers to a great win, he celebrated with what we call in the trade a “Michael Clarke”: “I have an unbelievable connection to Madge and [he is] someone who empowers me to be myself and encourages me to be Jackson Hastings and not anything else. ”

Jackson Hastings and Michael Maguire (inset)

Jackson Hastings and Michael Maguire (inset)Credit:Getty

Katherine DevesWarringah’s Liberal Party candidate, hanging on for grim death after her inflammatory remarks about trans athletes: “My opponents, parts of the left media and twittersphere have been unrelenting in calling for me to be disendorsed because of past statements. I have been bullied in the most vile way and received death threats. I’m not going anywhere, as the prime minister said yesterday. “ No-one should be attacking you in that manner, Ms Deves. But perhaps you might reflect on whether your comments have helped legitimize the bullying the trans athletes have suffered?

As revealed on the ESPN doco on Greg Norman this week, this is what UK journalist Peter Dobereiner said to the Australian golfer in the carpark at Augusta after the third day of the 1996 Masters when Norman held a six-stroke lead: “Not even you could f — this up.” Dobereiner was wrong. Norman lost the following day to Nick Faldo by five strokes.

Australian surfer Tyler Wright on how much pain she was in when competing in the women’s final at Bells Beach, which she won: “Essentially my ovaries start to cramp up and everything in me is just pain.” I know. I am going to ask my wife, too, if cramped ovaries is a common thing. It does NOT sound good.

Team of the Week

Tyler Wright cruises back to the beach after winning the title at Bells.

Tyler Wright cruises back to the beach after winning the title at Bells.Credit:

Tyler Wright After years of struggle, mostly through illness, the Australian surfer won in the women’s final at Bells Beach last Sunday.

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean In a week where bullying trans athletes was being used for naked political gain, dog-whistling to the homophobes, throwing red meat to the base, his was a powerful voice calling out the bigots and saying what needed to be said.

West Tigers Broke their duck with an outstanding win against the Eels.

Jackson Hastings Less the prodigal son of the NRL than the problem child, the unwanted one, he came good when it counted to slot a fabulous field goal in the dying seconds of the match against Parramatta to secure a desperately needed win.

Liverpool Going for the quadruple, currently the best team in the world irrespective of sport.

Harrison Kerr and Carla Bull Won the Stawell Gift

RIP Jack Newton The Aussie golfer passed away aged 72.

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