Madden 23 preview: FieldSense, dynamic gameday and franchise tweaks

Even annual sports games need a hook. ‘It’s a bit better than 12 months ago’ isn’t enough to entice potential buyers into shedding their cash, so you understand developers looking for the next catchy name or buzzword. Sometimes emboldened. Sometimes with capital letters. Sometimes in italics. For Madden 23, EA Tiburon is going for the clean sweep. FieldWITHOUT is its big new feature. You’re right, that stylization is migraine-inducing. But it’d be a shame if that puts people off, as its introduction has transformative potential.

FieldSense – I’m going to write it normally from here on out, if okay with you – is a brand-new gameplay system, developed on the specific basis of community feedback. [No, really – more on which shortly.] Passing is where casual players will note the biggest change. There’s a new meter to judge power, and an aiming reticle to affect accuracy, which when combined enable you to lead receivers and drop in back-shoulder throws. Enhancing this element of the game are one-on-one WR vs DB battles, where those receivers drop moves in an attempt to get open, while cornerbacks and safeties press at the line.

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