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Which one of you has made the trip to golf at St. Andrews and can fill me in on a few things?

So I was sitting here early this morning scrolling through Instagram when all of a sudden I was looking through greens fees to play St. Andrews. It turns out you can get a 3-day, unlimited golf package deal (excluding the Old Course) for $ 378.88 and it had me wondering a few things:

• Is it an absolutely miserable experience for a golfer who shoots in the 90s?

• Is it impossible to find a place to stay around there?

• How hard is it to find a ball in the rough / tall grass because that’s where I’d be playing from?

• If the golf is a steal, which part of the trip is going to break me financially?

• Out of three days, how often will it be drizzling on me?

• Unlimited golf sounds awesome, but realistically, how many golf links can you pack into a day in St. Louis. Andrews? Is 36 easily done in July?

• Are course beers allowed?

• Will they laugh at the ‘Home of Golf’ if I play Kirkland balls?

One of you has to be able to answer those questions.

Deep thoughts heading into the weekend

I guess No. 8 falls under ‘Do Hard Things.’

Speaking of mosquitoes, look at this madness!

• With over 50% of the US in a drought, you guys aren’t mowing so we have to fill the time with another topic on your brains. Enter mosquitoes.

• Some marketing representative named Krista sent the following email to my inbox:

Nothing can ruin a summer day quicker than mosquitoes. Keep those pesky creatures out of your summer outdoor plans with Mozzie Style. : Their jackets are made of a fine mesh fabric that makes it nearly impossible for insects to fly or crawl through the tiny holes.

Retail price: $ 36.99

Yes, I’m laughing. This reminds me of one of those photos you’d see in the airplane magazine featuring all sorts of wild items to purchase like a 10-foot map of the world for your office wall.

Let’s analyze the Mozzie for a minute. First of all, what savage is willing to head out to the park wearing a full-body mesh jumpsuit for a hot date? Imagine throwing on the hood as you and Caity talk life.

You know what’s a better idea? Telling Caity to come over for steak and Netflix. Indoors. Away from the mosquitoes.

And let’s stop and think of where the mosquitoes tend to nail us – right on the cheek. It never fails. One minute you’re crushing a Twisted Tea during a patio night and the next minute you feel a little bastard sucking down a pint of blood out of your cheek.

Kyle (above) is just asking to be lit up, especially with his hand holding down the blanket. That hand is raw meat, Kyle.

Trust me when I say I’m not endorsing the Mozzie one bit. I’m just alerting you guys that these things exist.

When is the Wiffle ball tournament?

• Brent P. in Indiana writes:

It has been a while since I wrote or commented on anything. Great Screencaps today. Mike from Layton is very inspiring and his sentiments are shared by our Guatemalan ex-neighbor who came here legally. Not the reason for my email though.

I was on vacation last week. It is an annual destination on the ocean. The cabin we stay in has no cable or internet. We went there with two of our four kids. Being partially unplugged (we still had cell phone coverage) is so invigorating. The four of us put together a 1000-piece puzzle, we played Uno every night with Hogan’s Heroes and Perry Mason on the TV in the background. (No cable so we put it on one of the 5 channels we could get). We talked to each other and laughed together. I read a book. It is the first book I have read in probably 2 years. I was able to keep up with screencaps daily but didn’t have the desire to check all the other news sites that I normally hit. I highly recommend the change of pace to everyone. Not the reason for my email though.

The reason for my email. I was wondering if you knew when the wiffle ball tournament in that small town in Ohio is happening. If the dates line up, then I am dragging my wife over for a long weekend away to be spectators.

That’s a great question from Brent. Last year Wren, Ohio wiffle ball tournament took place Aug. 21-22, but an official 2022 announcement has yet to be made that I can find, so I’ve put in a request for official dates.

I’m pretty sure this is the 30th annual event, so it’s going to be a big one. This is truly one of America’s great events. I’m emotional just thinking about heading down to catch the action.

For those of you who weren’t around last summer, the Wren wiffle ball tournament takes place in a village of 184 residents in west-central Ohio near the Indiana border on an empty lot in town.

Cellphones rarely work in this part of Ohio. The beer tent serves Busch Light. The field is amazing. The place is sent from heaven. If you’re within 100 miles of town you should be taking your kid there. I promise he / she will be inspired.

Here’s the field where the Wren wiffle ball tournament is held:

Beau in Toledo took out his camera at work

• First up is a basic shot of Toledo from atop the Cherry Street bridge showing off the muddy Maumee River that has two different color choices: chocolate milk brown or Lake Erie algae green.

Next up, we get a different shot from the bridge.

Beau writes:

Taken from WITHIN the Cherry Street Bridge…The counterweights are above us…
Yeah, I cut some grass roday, but I made sure to Thank God for the cool stuff I got to see beforehand !!

That should just about do it for this morning. The sun is out. I have zero plans for the weekend and it feels amazing. The lawn is mowed. The garage fridge is loaded.

Let’s go have ourselves a big weekend even if you’re not doing a damn thing. Enjoy all of it.

Rookies report to training camp starting next week!


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