The 3 Zodiac Signs Luckiest In Love On Friday, June 3, 2022

Mercury Direct opens up the gates to momentum in love. Should your sign be one of the three that will benefit from today’s transits, you’ll be experiencing more than luck in love.

You’ll get a refreshed sense of purpose and a burning desire to do new and fun things with the person you love.

We have the Moon in Leo, too, which makes everything seem important and worthy. And throw in Moon trine Jupiter to boot, which makes everything seem achievable and achievable on a grand scale.

In other words, when two people love each other and recognize that love on this day, June 3, 2022, they get it into their heads that this is just the beginning, and what’s to come is nothing short of phenomenal.

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The Moon in Leo fuels confidence about who we are within the parameters of a loving relationship, and the Moon trine Jupiter making us feel hopeful about it all. We can see past the hardships and misunderstandings; we know that being in a relationship has its ups and downs; however, it’s all ups today.

And when we feel as good as we do on this day, we create future days of positivity simply because we believe in them now. Lucky days in love do not have to be restricted to single days. We can have them almost every day, and that’s what ‘this’ day shows us.

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