The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Luckiest In Love On Monday, April 25, 2022

Our good friend and best ally, today, is the transit Sun sextile Moon, as that is exactly what’s going to bring certain people a heaping dose of luck in love.

Romance is possible today, and with the help of the shining Sun sextile Moon, many of us will get to bask in those warms rays. When we have solar / lunar transits, we become thoughtful, and the majority of our thoughts are geared towards love and positivity. We think, therefore we are.

Those who are luckiest in love on this day will experience a certain kind of freshness; this could translate as a new love, or a new development within an old relationship.

It’s a win-win day either way, and our best bet is to accept what’s coming to us, as it promises to be filled with joy, laughter and hope for a loving future.

And because we are also hosting Moon in Pisces, it’s a given that every move we make that involved love or romance will be well thought out and filled with sensitivity.

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This is the kind of day where we realize exactly what makes us happy and we allow for it to come into our lives. That means that some of us, as in the signs mentioned below, will venture into new waters … new experiences in love are about to take place, and because we are so lucky on this day, we may just start the romantic adventure of a lifetime.


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