The Mega-Powerful ‘Destiny 2’ Exotics To Watch For Arc 3.0

We are a month and change away from the launch of Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2, and while Bungie isn’t talking about it yet, I feel like they may give us a preview of it this time around somewhat soon, rather than just throwing it into the live game like they did with Solar 3.0.

As such, you may want to start thinking about Destiny 2 builds and such to run next season. When a 3.0 element launches, it’s all 90% of players use that season, as has been true with Void 3.0 and Solar 3.0. It also helps there are at least a couple OP artifact mods for that subclass that will launch alongside it.

I’ve already gone through literally every legendary arc weapon in the game, but I said I wanted to do a separate one for exotics. So here we are. These are the exotic weapons and pieces of armor I would make sure to have out of your vault an leveled by the time Arc 3.0 hits in season 18.

Riskrunner (Submachine Gun) – One of the oldest Destiny 2 exotics and the spiritual successful to the Zhalo Supercell, this has always been an incredible weapon with its chain lightning and arc-resisting shield. Given that everyone is going to be running arc in PvP especially, I’m guessing you’ll see a lot of this there.

Trinity Ghoul (Bow) – This went from zero to hero with a Season of Arrivals catalyst that made it one of the best mob-clearers in the game with chain lightning on almost every shot. I will say, however, when I did this list with Solar 3.0, we were not expecting some solar exotics to not interact with the system. For instance, if Sunshot doesn’t apply scorch or cause ignitions, it’s possible these chain lightning exotics may not interact with Arc 3.0 words. But they will benefit from arc damage boosts, of course. We’ll have to see, but these are good now, and I imagine they’ll be even better with Arc 3.0 in one way or another.

Coldheart (Trace Rifle) – It just got buffed to produce Ionic Traces, and I am wondering if those could end up being a central mechanic in Arc 3.0, something anyone can generate to reduce cooldowns or super gain. If so, there could be some interactions here to take note of.

Edge of Competition (Sword) – The damage on the chain lightning here just got super buffed this season, I am going to be curious if any more changes might be made to these exotic glaives, and if this may have some neat interactions on Arc Hunter.

The Heavies – I mean, anything that is arc is going to be worth a look, even without special arc interactions, given the potential arc damage boosts you’ll be running on well builds. The best weapon in this slot is probably going to be the legendary arc Stormchaser, but we also have: Prospector, Acrius, Wardcliff, Queenbreaker, DARCI, Worldline, Thunderlord, Anarchy and Grand Overture. Pick your favorite and give it a spin.

Crown of Tempests (Warlock) – Moving onto armor, Arc ability kills increase the recharge of your arc abilities, so that seems useful, in addition to the extension of Stormtrance that’s usually the main draw here. I’m expecting a general Stormtrance buff as both versions are combined into one.

Getaway Artist (Warlock) – Have to believe Arc Buddy is not going anywhere, and I have a feeling this exotic could prove extra useful in the Arc 3.0 era.

Vesper of Radius (Warlock) – This generates an arc shockwave on rift cast. Has never, ever been meta, but I wonder if this could be something that gets a pass for Arc 3.0 to be more useful.

Geomag Stabilizers (Warlock) – One of my all-time favorite exotics, though I remain sad about the super fill nerf that was made to these on the altar of PvP balance. Still, an easy pick for Warlocks in Arc 3.0.

An Insurmountable Skullfort (Titan) – We don’t know what changes could be coming to Arc 3.0 Titan melees, but it’s always been a great pick for many arc builds, and I don’t see that changing.

Eternal Warrior (Titan) – Not citing this because it’s good, but because it’s SO bad that I hope it gets a buff alongside Arc 3.0 to be relevant. Fist of Havoc grants an overshield on cast? Are you kidding me?

Cuirass of the Falling Star (Titan) – Like Geomags, the big damage exotic to wear with your big damage super. Has not fallen out of fashion.

Blight Ranger (Hunter) – It was disabled for an entire season pretty much, but I have a feeling all Hunters will intrinsically have reflect on Arcstrider now. Still, this may be a tough call to use without some further buffs.

Shinobu’s Vow (Hunter) – Perhaps the new Ahamkara’s Spine but for Arc, with better grenades and returned energy. Has been a favorite PvP on occasion already.

Liar’s Handshake (Hunter) – Extremely curious how this arc melee enhancer will work if as expect, Hunters get a projectile arc melee for 3.0.

Lucky Raspberry (Hunter) – Essentially Shinobu’s for a different style of grenade. Could have good 3.0 interaction. Everyone will complain it doesn’t have an ornament.

Raiden Flux (Hunter) – Look, if Arcstrider gets some serious damage buffs, it’s possible this could end up being worthwhile to use. But not banking on it.

Those are my picks to watch. Any I missed?

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